• Curso on-line: Methods in Clinical Research: A theoretical and interactive course


    Estimado/a Dr./a:

    En nombre de la Asociación Civil de Investigación y Desarrollo en Salud, ACINDES le damos la bienvenida al Programa Methods in Clinical Research: A theoretical and interactive course

    El curso tiene un formato mixto - online y presencial - y su objetivo es que los participantes desarrollen habilidades en el diseño de estudios de investigación clínica y puedan interpretar de manera crítica la data publicada.

    Los coordinadores del curso son:

    • • Dr. Felipe Fregni, MD, PhD, MPH, Med, Director of the Laboratory of Neuromodulation and Center of Clinical Research Training. Spaulding Research Institute.
      Assistant Professor a at Harvard Medical School

    • • Dr León Morales-Quezada, M.D. M.Sc. PhD. MPH. Research Associate Director Neuromodulation Laboratory Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Harvard Medical School

    Esperamos que el curso sea de su interés y cumpla con sus expectativas.


    Welcome Letter

    We would like to welcome you to this online Educational Program.

    Through the delivering of these contents, we expect that all participants can show and express their interest in basic research and that the Program itself can serve as a basis to develop their research skills in their own specialty. Moreover, we would like to promote their interest in exploring new areas, in the writing up of papers, participation in clinical trials, among many other research activities.

    This course is offered on-line with uploaded contents/reading and assignments; and via live streaming with participants present on-site and instructors teaching in Boston. The course will be presented in English and Spanish, with all the materials offered in scientific English, starting at the end of October. The course is designed for individuals who wish to understand the basics of clinical research and trial design, while participants with previous research experience will benefit from the course by expanding their knowledge of the field.

    At the end of the program (April 2018) an onsite meeting is scheduled in Buenos Aires where all participants who had completed the course are invited. This will consist of a summary review of the modules, with questions and answers and conclusions.

    We really hope that you enjoy this course and will see you in Buenos Aires in April 2018!

    Warm regards,

    Leon Morales-Quezada MD, MSc, PhD, MPH
    Felipe Fregni MD, PhD, MPH, MEd.